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Readers all over the world want to engage with your ideas! Currently, one fifth of the world's inhabitants speak English. An accurate, eloquent, and natural-sounding English translation from experienced professionals will help you reach your full audience. 


We translate Italian and Spanish texts into English and specialize in academic and scholarly work. We have years of experience working in Chicago, APA, and MLA styles, as well as the unique formatting specifications of various publishers. Research into the ever-evolving technical language of your field is crucial to our process. 


A decade of experience in the field of philosophy has taught us the importance of accuracy and specificity. We know how frustrating it is when ideas are misunderstood! That is why we work so hard to understand the nuances of your work at a deep level before sharing its English version with the world.

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About Us


We are Tom and Kira Howes, and we have been partners in translation ever since we got married in 2013. We currently live near Princeton, NJ, USA with our two beautiful daughters.

Tom has a PhD in philosophy and has studied both philosophy and theology in great depth both in the U.S.A. and in Rome, Italy. Kira has a bachelor's degree in the humanities; reads Italian, Spanish, and English; is trained in legal research and writing; and has experience working with Chicago, APA, and MLA styles. Both of us have a strong passion for language, history, philology, science, theology, and philosophy. 

Now that English is becoming the new lingua franca, we are excited to use this passion and our skills to spread your ideas across languages and cultures!


“I have always been very pleased with your work because of the accuracy and elegance with which you have translated my texts, which sometimes contained philosophical concepts that are quite difficult to express in English.”

Msgr. Ángel Rodríguez Luño

“Tom and Kira have the gift of translation: they go into the Italian text moving from the minds of those who wrote it and translate it into English so that it is clear to the minds of those who read it. I have experienced their timely and accurate work several times, so I'm very grateful and I gladly recommend them.”

Prof. Ilaria Vigorelli, P.U.S.C.

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