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Whether it's one blog post or your magnum opus, publishing anything in a foreign language is an intimidating prospect, even for experienced scholars. We want to simplify this process for you. As academics ourselves, we understand the nuances of academic writing in English. 

In our seven years of experience, we have translated and revised proposals, grants, and dissertations, in addition to numerous published books and academic articles.

We invite you to click the links below to view some examples of our work!

Article Translation

Section 3 of an article about ethical philosophy, Moral Experience and Philosophical Ethics by Ángel Rodríguez Luño.

Book Translation

Excerpt from the theological handbook, Truth is a Synthesis by Mauro Gagliardi.

Book Translation

Excerpt from The Pentateuch by Michelangelo Tábet.

Article Translation

Excerpt from The Gaze of the Other: Emotion and Relation in "The Brothers Karamazov" by Federica Bergamino.

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